Storm Restoration

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The process of storm restoration is a complex yet essential task to return power to communities after a storm. This can range from fixing electrical infrastructure, such as transmission lines and substations, to replacing downed poles and wires. Utility crews may also be required to repair damaged homes and businesses.

The first step in storm restoration is to assess the amount of damage. Crews will determine the extent of power outages and begin to plan the strategy for restoration. This includes deciding the order in which areas will be restored, as well as the resources and manpower needed to do so. 

Once a plan is in place, crews will begin repairing damaged infrastructure, such as power lines and substations. This process involves replacing broken and damaged equipment, restoring power to homes, and replacing poles and wires. 

Storm Restoration

The final step in storm restoration is to ensure that everyone in the affected area has the power they need. Utility companies may set up temporary power sources and generators to provide electricity to those who are still without power.

Storm restoration can be a lengthy and difficult process, but it is essential for restoring power and normalcy to affected communities. By assessing and repairing damage, as well as providing temporary power sources and generators, utility crews help bring power back to those who need it most.

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Storm Restoration